Need to move your WordPress site? Protect it with a reliable backup plugin. UpdraftPlus is the best! Why? We’ll show you in this review. It offers easy backup and restore solutions. Try it out! It’s the perfect plugin for WP.


UpdraftPlus is one of the best WordPress backup plugins on the market. It’s easy to use, with an intuitive interface. It provides complete backups and lots of options to customize.

The best thing about UpdraftPlus is its automated setup. You don’t have to worry about setting backups manually; just install the plugin and it will back up your site automatically. This gives you peace of mind, taking away the burden of regular backups.

UpdraftPlus also offers many features. You can save backups in multiple destinations, do incremental backups for faster recovery, clone/migrate sites, and even encrypt files for extra security. These features make UpdraftPlus stand out from other WordPress backup plugins.

Key Features of Updraftplus

UpdraftPlus is a powerful plugin that helps with website maintenance and security. It has many features such as automatic backups, remote storage, backup scheduling, incremental backups and cloud storage options.

  • Automatic backups can be set up to run regularly – so your website data is always secure.
  • Remote storage options such as Amazon S3 and Dropbox let you keep data in the cloud.
  • Backup scheduling lets you define when backups happen and how often.
  • Incremental backups back up only changed files and databases. Full backups back up everything once.

Using UpdraftPlus for Website Backup

UpdraftPlus is easy to install and can be used to auto-backup files and make scheduled backups. This plugin is especially useful for WordPress sites. It has email notifications, a detailed backup log and a One-click Restore feature.

Plus, you can take offsite backups and store them in the cloud. Google Drive, Dropbox, or emailing the files directly from the plugin’s settings menu are all options.

UpdraftPlus is great for website backups, with features like automated scheduled updates and offsite backups. It’s a must-have security measure for any website owner!

Using UpdraftPlus for Website Migration and Cloning

You can set up automatic backups, restorations, and migrations of your WordPress site and databases, plugins, themes, and uploads. Moving from one hosting server or domain name to another? Setting up a new website? UpdraftPlus can make the process much easier.

UpdraftPlus also simplifies restoring backups. You can view content and databases before restoring them, so you know exactly what will be transferred. You’re in control – choose what parts of the website to back up or restore, and when. Plus, UpdraftPlus enables automated backups on a schedule, so you don’t have to do it manually.

UpdraftPlus is a great choice for website migration and cloning! Even if you’re not experienced with website management, you can use it safely and securely. And reliable backups take mere minutes each time. No wonder UpdraftPlus is so popular!

UpdraftPlus Add-Ons and Integrations

One of UpdraftPlus’s striking traits is the selection of add-ons and integrations that it offers. There are several plug-ins available that let users extend their functionality. For instance, Google Cloud Storage, Microsoft Onedrive or Dropbox account integration are some remote storage solutions. In addition to these add-ons, there are premium plug-ins available which allow users to back up sites when they meet certain thresholds or when pages get edited.

Lastly, UpdraftPlus has its own premium package with perks like unlimited backups and the ability to set up backup plans for single posts or pages. This package is ideal for sites with multiple blog posts or pages that must be backed up routinely. If you possess multiple sites with content that needs to be regularly backed up – then this package is perfect for you!

Overall, UpdraftPlus provides a successful platform for quickly and securely backing up your WordPress website, with the aid of add-ons and integrations from various sources including cloud solutions and remote storage options such as Google Cloud Storage, Microsoft Onedrive or Dropbox account integration. Plus, the UpdraftPlus Premium package offers extra features like unlimited backups and planning backup schedules tailored individually by posts or pages.

UpdraftPlus Pricing and Plans

UpdraftPlus has two versions: a free one with basic features, and a premium one with single-click restores and collaboration features. It’s attractive because of its pricing structure. Three plans, all at affordable rates.

  • Free version has 1GB of cloud storage, scheduling, and basic security.
  • Plus has 5GB of storage, remote access, and advanced security like two-factor authentication.
  • Professional has 20GB of storage, Plus features, and remote support for easy setup and user management.

Think about what services you need, and then commit to a plan. No matter which one, you’ll get stellar service quality and reliable customer support!

Pros and Cons of UpdraftPlus

UpdraftPlus stands out due to its features:

  • customizing schedules
  • backing up files of any size and compression
  • tracking multiple devices and browsers
  • finding lost or corrupted backups
  • backing up select files or entire sites

Plus, users can restore databases locally or remotely with FTP/SFTP protocols using command line tools or graphical user interfaces (GUI).

However, there are some potential downsides. Managing multiple remote databases from the same dashboard can slow down the restoration process. Payment is required for extended features like pre-assigned database creation. UpdraftPlus doesn’t support Windows Phone devices, with their increasing usage. So, before implementing advanced functionality, consider the services available.

UpdraftPlus Alternatives

UpdraftPlus is a top WordPress backup plugin but there are other good alternatives! Here’s a review of some of the best options:

  • Backup and Restore WP is an excellent option. It has all of UpdraftPlus’ features, plus clear instructions to make restoring easy.
  • BackupBuddy is powerful. It can do automated backups and restore them quickly. It also has file level backups and can update plugins and themes automatically.
  • VaultPress is a top-rated plugin made for protection against hacking, malware, and disasters. It stores data securely in the cloud and has a dashboard to monitor backups in real time.


At the end of our UpdraftPlus review, we are pleased to report: great backup plugin!

  • Reliable backups and data protection.
  • Easy process – just a few clicks. No tech knowledge needed.
  • User-friendly interface. You can even back up from WordPress control panel – so easy and fast!
  • Plus, many great features like restoring backups and automated backups.
  • Many cloud storage options too – Google Cloud, Dropbox – whatever you need.

In conclusion: UpdraftPlus is fantastic! It makes backing up your website easy. Highly recommend checking it out!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the features of UpdraftPlus?

A: UpdraftPlus is a WordPress plugin that provides a backup and restore solution for WordPress websites. It features automatic backups, on-demand backup scheduling, cloud storage, and migration tools. It also includes premium features such as malware scanning, encrypted backups, and backup reporting.

Q: Is UpdraftPlus reliable?

A: Yes, UpdraftPlus is a reliable backup solution for WordPress websites. It is regularly updated and has been used by over two million WordPress websites. It is also one of the highest-rated WordPress backup plugins on the market.

Q: How much does UpdraftPlus cost?

A: UpdraftPlus offers a free version as well as premium plans that start at $42/year. The premium plans offer additional features such as malware scanning, encrypted backups, and backup reporting.