Fed up with being submerged in a sea of stock photos? Pictory provides you with customized, pro photography that communicates your story. Conquer your image worries with this extensive review and find out how this revolutionary platform can supply you with the ideal visuals.

What is Pictory

Pictory is an awesome video creation platform. It turns your photos, events, and long-form content into brilliant, short highlight videos. It automatically crops, trims, rotates, and adds text and music. Plus, it offers pre-made themes to give you a stylish result.

You can make longer videos (30s – 10 min) or mix still images and video snippets. It is perfect for beginners and experienced users.

Businesses use it to create visual marketing content like product presentations or customer stories. It’s also great for making personalized messages or special occasion albums!

Pictory Features

  • You can add background music from its selection or your own.
  • Pictory offers creativity tools like custom transitions and effects like filters and overlays.
  • It has dynamic scene templates with special effects like exploding texts.
  • AI helps you trim short clips and make production faster, with no loss of quality.
  • You can source footage from your phone or computer. Or, merge footage from different sources. And, turn your vision into motion art.

Pictory Pricing

Start by making a page on the Pictory website. There is a free trial and after that you have 3 plans to choose:

Pictory Pricing

Standard Plan: You can create 30 videos with the length of max 10 min.

Premium Plan: You can create 60 videos with the length of max 20 min.

Enterprise Plan: You can choose your own plan.

There is free trial for Standard and Premium Plans and within the first 15 days there is no-questions-asked money back guarantee. If you decide to have annual plan, in total you save 15%.

Pictory Support and Resources

When you sign up for Pictory, you get access to their support resources and tutorials, so you can learn how to use it efficiently. Whether you’re wanting to make home movies or promotional videos, Pictory has personalized help every step of the way.

Pros and Cons of Pictory

Pros of Pictory:

  • Leverages AI to quickly generate videos for audience preferences.
  • Control the play, edit and add colors/texts to customize.

Cons of Pictory:

  • AI-driven design may miss subtle cues from traditional storyboarding.
  • Customization options may not be enough to get audience emotionally invested.
  • Unfortunately, a human touch is needed at the end.

Who can benefit from Pictory

It’s great for anyone who wants to make beautiful videos for personal reasons, like gifts or holiday slideshows. Course creators and marketers will benefit too, as they can make marketing videos quickly to reach their goal on different platforms. You can even personalize them with custom text, animations, and music that match your message.

Using Pictory is straightforward –

  • just select the media from mobile or computer,
  • edit it,
  • add effects,
  • and press play!


Pictory has a lot to offer. It’s an AI-based video creation platform. It can automatically create short and long videos. You can play, edit and personalise videos. It gives you the ability to customise a video with professional tools. This makes it great for video marketing. It’s easy to create visually stunning videos quickly. If you want to improve your video creation or share stories, Pictory is ideal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Pictory?

A: Pictory is an online platform that allows users to create and share their photos with friends and family. It also allows users to search for photos from other users and view them in a slideshow format.

Q: How can I share my photos with Pictory?

A: You can share your photos with Pictory by creating an account and then uploading your photos. You can also share your photos directly from your computer or mobile device.

Q: Is Pictory free to use?

A: Yes, there is a free trial to use that you can make 3 videos.