Originality AI

AI is the power now! AI can create anything we want. But what about the content quality! Original contents should worth more of course but how can we differentiate the original content from the other. Here Originality AI comes to the picture! We love to use this tool, after we create our content and check if we skip something.

What is Originality AI

Originality AI is an AI-based tool that prevents plagiarism. It’s an advanced Saas tool which uses AI to detect AI-written content. It’s superior to traditional plagiarism checkers, as it offers an accurate originality score for AI-written content.

The user-friendly interface allows users to quickly run checks on their work with just one click. Plus, you can customize the settings and parameters, such as text similarity percentage levels.

Digital marketers, publishers, bloggers, essayists and others can create unique texts with Originality AI. It integrates machine learning technologies, so its accuracy improves over time. It’s a reliable way to make sure all your writing is completely original.

Originality Features

  • With precise AI detection, Originality assists authors avoid false positives which often happen with other plagiarism checking tools.
  • Originality offers a complete review process which finds out if an article is original by comparing its content to millions of documents online. After assessing, it gives authors an originality report to give them a clearer view of where they need to change their content.,
  • Originality helps authors make sure their work is high quality and clear of any copyright infringements.
  • With efficient reporting, Originality guarantees there are no errors or inconsistencies in the finished article before it’s shown for publication and approval.
  • Originality offers the highest level of accuracy when reviewing material for plagiarism or copyright issues, saving time and resources from manual reviews and editing sessions.
  • It also provides assurance that no issues will arise when content is published online for public view, so authors can be sure knowing their work will be appreciated as unique contributions to the web.

Originality User Interface

Originality AI has a user-friendly interface. It comes with a Chrome Extension to analyze documents within the browser. Additionally, organizations can use the Google Docs add-on for a smoother workflow.

The UI follows modern design conventions. A few clicks and you are directed to the analysis results. A bar graph shows the originality score of the content. This graph gives an overall view of the content’s originality before going into more details.

The Visual Results tab offers more information about the analysis. It includes Copyscape reviews, plagiarism risk assessment, citation checks, and alerts for copyright violations. This feature gives users control over content submissions and ensures compliance with applicable standards and laws.

Originality Pricing

Originality offers market-leading AI review tech at an affordable price. Their plans are scalable and tailored to need. Start with a free trial – no fees! After that it is just $0.01 per credit and with 1 credit, you can scan 100 words.

There is discount for larger orders. Plus, free credits for submitting documents or referring friends.

Originality Support and Resources

Originality AI is a platform packed with support and resources. It uses AI to guarantee unique, error-free content that’s optimized for audiences.

It provides educational materials like videos, podcasts and online courses. These help writers learn grammar rules accurately, and provide info on modern writing trends. Verification features let users check their work with hash functions and string matching algorithms, to protect against plagiarism.

A support hotline is also available to talk through any issues with the platform. This provides peace of mind to protect work against copyright infringement.

Pros and Cons of Originality


  • Using Originality AI has one main advantage. It can detect content duplication more accurately than a human reviewer. This software checks text and images. It scans through many documents quickly to identify possible duplicated content. This saves time compared to manual checks.
  • Plus, it can recognize small differences between text snippets and rephrased words. It is more accurate than search engine tools like Google and Bing.


  • Relying only on originality AI may lead to too much focus on technical accuracy over creative originality. AI doesn’t understand context in writing. It may miss attempts to match an author’s intention or creativity. Also, its restrictive nature might hold back creative exploration.
  • Human reviewers are better for reviews that need more context understanding. For instance, author evaluations and complex legal documents.

Who can benefit from Originality

Originality AI helps all of our content team; web publishers, search engines and programmatic SEO experts. After all of our contents are created, we scan every article before publishing them online.


It’s clear for us that Originality AI is an incredible tool. It helps detect content taken from elsewhere, keeping writers out of legal trouble. Plus, it boosts search engine rankings by providing unique content. Even posts related to navigation have higher originality scores than most AI generated content!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Originality AI?

A: Originality AI is an automated plagiarism detection service that is capable of detecting plagiarism in documents, articles and other written material.

Q: How does Originality AI work?

A: Originality AI uses advanced algorithms and natural language processing to compare the submitted document against over 10 billion web pages and academic sources. The results are then presented in an easy to understand format that highlights any potential areas of plagiarism.

Q: Does Originality AI provide a detailed report?

A: Yes, Originality AI provides a detailed report that displays all areas where there might be potential plagiarism. The report also shows the sources of the potential plagiarism and highlights any areas that are found to be unoriginal.