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8 Best Content Marketing Examples to Inspire Your Campaigns

Are you looking for ways to make your content marketing campaigns stand out from the crowd? Look no further! This article will provide you with the best content marketing examples to inspire your own strategies and ignite your creative ideas. From influencers to big brands, let’s explore the interesting and diverse ways content marketing can be successfully employed.


Content marketing is a powerful digital strategy that businesses of all sizes can take advantage of to improve their online visibility and promote their offerings to the world. It’s a powerful tool that allows you to tell your story and engage with your customers on an emotional level.

However, it’s not just about creating content – it’s about providing the right kind of content for your target audience. The best content marketing campaigns often use a combination of creative strategies, such as video content, social media, blogs and more.

In this article, we will explore some of the best content marketing examples that have made an impact on the web in recent years. We’ll look at how they incorporated different types of media into their strategies, along with effective tactics that led to successful results. With these inspiring examples in mind, you can create your own awe-inspiring content marketing campaign and see results like never before!

Wordle by The New York Times

The New York Times made full use of a content marketing strategy with their successful Wordle campaign. The Wordle was a video that combined trends from 2011 with the words from The New York Times, creating one of the most widely shared content marketing examples.

The video was designed to show that news can be more than just facts and figures – it can be expressed visually and emotionally as well, making it shareable.

Wordle by The New York Times is a great example of how content marketing can be used effectively to engage viewers with an emotional story or message. By using the right combination of visuals and text, brands can create content that resonates with their audience in an interesting way. This example also highlights how video content marketing examples can get people talking about your brand on social media platforms.

Content marketing is only effective if it’s done well – often, this means having some form of originality and creativity in order stand out amongst competitors’ campaigns on the same market or product offering. If you feel stuck or uncertain how to execute successfully, looking at successful content marketing examples like Wordle will give you ideas and guidance for achieving language resonance and engaging visuals for your own campaign.

Ultimately, use this example as inspiration to identify trends within your own industry to create more engaging pieces of digital content that leave an impactful impression on audiences everywhere!

Coca-Cola’s Share a Coke campaign

Coca-Cola’s ‘Share a Coke’ campaign is one of the most successful content marketing examples to date. It started out in Australia and quickly became a global phenomenon. The concept was simple, yet effective; customizing bottles and cans of Coca-Cola with common names and quirky sayings to appeal to their target audience.

As part of this strategy, they also released social media content featuring some of the most popular names emblazoned on their bottles and cans as well as hashtags that encouraged followers to find their own names.

Content marketers can learn a lot from this example; it’s important to remember your target audience when crafting your marketing strategy. This type of personalization resonates well with customers and allows you to focus on specific people who may be interested in your products or services. Additionally, creating content for social media can help spread the word about your campaign quickly, making it easier for potential customers to find and engage with it.

Red Bull’s Red Bull Stratos

Red Bull’s Red Bull Stratos content marketing campaign was one of the most successful and inspiring campaigns in history. The aim of their campaign was to create a global audience, engage them in conversation, and entice them to take part in an experience that hadn’t yet been done – the mission was to send a man up 125,000 feet into the stratosphere – higher than any other person had gone before. They highly targeted their target audience both through social media networks and video content.

The natural beauty of Red Bull Stratos made for great video content marketing as people around the world watched live footage as Felix Baumgartner flew through space with a bright red balloon tied on his back. This created an immense sense of this weightlessness which stayed with viewers worldwide. Emphasizing Baumgartner’s story helped shape Red Bull’s consumer brand imagery; it took its viewers on a journey from feats of human flight to national celebrity status in just three hours – an inspirational tale for any marketer’s dream!

Through pushing this daring adventure into stratospheric heights, Red Bull increased awareness, consumer participation, and sales across its global markets simultaneously.

This makes it one of the most outstanding successful content marketing examples, as it has since been used by many brands looking to reach new heights with their digital campaigns. And its effectiveness still remains today as one of the best content marketing examples – setting the standard by which all other marketers should strive to (and hopefully exceed!)

Marriott’s Travel Brilliantly

Marriott’s interactive editorial campaign, Travel Brilliantly, serves a great example of content marketing done right. As one of the most successful content marketing examples to date, Marriott employed a 3-phase approach to its overall social media content marketing strategy. The key here was to target their audience – mainly women aged 20-35 – on social media while using engaging video content that encouraged user participation.

The first phase began with Marriott’s “Explore your World” series featured on Youtube and Vimeo. This series focused on featuring young, creative travelers and their stories in an interesting way that was sure to draw in their target audience. Marriott then developed seven different pieces of accompanying sponsored content for social media, each tailored for its distinct target audience segment.

The second phase included custom videos with influencers from around the world who shared how they were “Travelin Brilliantly”. This drove organic engagement from viewers and created a foundation of trust between Marriott and its customers/audience as these influencers gifted “for the greater good” in their respective communities.

This impressive demonstration of brand loyalty and commitment to producing great content ultimately led into phase three – When all users were invited to show off their own versions of “Travelin’ Brilliantly” and share them on social media using #TravelBrilliantly for potential featured via Marriott’s channels or an even personalized stay at one of their hotels.

Marriott proved how successful a well-planned out content marketing strategy could be with the help of targeting audiences, consistent across different platforms to establish credibility with your customer base. Any company looking for just the right example should definitely look into what Marriott did with Travelin’ Brilliantly!

Hubspot’s Inbound Marketing and Sales Platform

HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing and Sales Platform is a terrific example of successful content marketing. The company offers content packages for businesses at all stages of the inbound marketing journey. Its comprehensive content strategy allows businesses to easily plug their own material into the provided templates and get started much faster than usual.

This platform has helped HubSpot’s campaigns become one of the most successful examples of content marketing, particularly with its free blog post templates. These allow marketers to create higher-quality and more targeted content for their target audience. They also provide advisers’ expertise on topics such as SEO optimization, which can strengthen efforts to blog more successfully and reach a much wider audience by gaining higher rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs).

In addition, Hubspot’s platform offers seasonal tips and tricks related to social media content marketing, depending on the time of year or event that a business would like to capitalize on. As any aspect of marketing requires consistency, such tools are essential for making sure that marketers are providing audiences with fresh and consistent material across all channels – from email campaigns through to organic search results – whether it be evergreen–or something designed specifically for an upcoming season or event.

Mailchimp’s Behind the Send

Mailchimp’s Behind the Send campaign offers great content marketing examples for companies looking to get creative with their email marketing campaigns. The company hired its Chief Marketing Officer, Julius Wolfe, to do an in-depth exploration of customer stories and emails that shaped the way the company approached email marketing.

By curating emails sent by MailChimp customers, Wolfe was able to demonstrate how Mailchimp has effectively helped them grow their website traffic and business. The content was broken up into three main sections – design best practices, list building tactics, and successful campaigns – to give viewers a comprehensive look into each topic.

The success of this campaign enabled other companies to take strategic cues from it in order to create their own successful content marketing campaigns. The mailchimp example highlighted how valuable customer emails are when developing effective content strategies, emphasizing the importance of using customer feedback as part of any company’s overall marketing efforts. It also demonstrates how a well elucidated story can attract more users to a brand and becomes great content material for customers as well as potential ones.

Airbnb’s Live There

Airbnb’s “Live There” content marketing campaign is a great example of how successful content marketing can be when it focuses on creating a strong emotional connection with users. This campaign was highly targeted and featured user-generated content that resonated with their target audience. Through various social media channels, they invited people to share their own travel experiences while using Airbnb rentals, and the stories that were shared were incredibly powerful and inspiring.

The goal of this campaign was to illustrate how Airbnb can be more than just a place for travelers to rest for the night, but rather an opportunity for them to live like locals and experience new cultures. This campaign drove engagement through social media content and user-generated content that made people not only more interested in the Airbnb brand, but also inspired them to take action.

Not only did this content marketing campaign successfully position Airbnb as an experiential service, but it also generated high levels of user engagement due to its emotional appeal. While there are many successful content marketing examples out there, this one stands out as an example of how powerful – and creative – storytelling can be when it’s used in conjunction with thoughtful targeting towards your desired audience.

Dollar Shave Club’s launch video

Dollar Shave Club is widely recognized as one of the most successful content marketing campaigns in history. Launched in 2012, their initial marketing campaign was a launch video depicting their founder poking fun at traditional razor marketing. It was a unique, entertaining approach that immediately grabbed their target audience’s attention.

They also took full advantage of social media to further share the video and spread the message that Dollar Shave Club was different—and more affordable—than anything else on the market. Within two days of the launch video going up on YouTube, they had 5,000 customers. The campaign even went on to win awards, such as an Emmy Award and Clio Award for online advertising and branding.

The success of Dollar Shave Club’s video campaign highlights one of the key aspects of successful content marketing – understanding what resonates with your target audience and creating a strategy accordingly. It’s essential for your content marketing team to be customer-centric in order to deliver engaging multimedia content targeting your specific audience for maximum engagement.

Dollar Shave Club is considered one of the great content marketing examples to inspire campaigns that make a lasting impact on viewers and lead them to conversion – whether it’s an outright purchase or signing up for something free like a newsletter or webinar series – while keeping them loyal to your brand long term.

Video Content Marketing Examples

Video content marketing is a great way to promote your brand or product and engage with visitors. By creating compelling video content with visuals and information shared in an innovative and engaging way, you can reach your target audience more effectively than ever. To help you create your own compelling video content marketing campaigns, take a lesson from some of the most successful content marketing examples.

The team at GoPro is a great example of effective video content marketing tactics. GoPro has created a wide variety of videos that show off its products’ features, film extreme sports scenes, or showcase outdoor adventures. These types of videos draw attention from its target audience and give them an idea of what it feels like to use its products in real life scenarios.

Other great examples include Dollar Shave Club’s humorous “Our Blades Are F***ing Great” video which humorously conveyed the message that the company’s razors were better than their competitors, showcasing Dollar Shave Club as the only choice for someone looking for a quality shave. This creative approach was able to draw attention and generate millions of views on YouTube, making it one of their most successful campaigns yet.

By taking inspiration from some of these successful content marketing examples such as GoPro or Dollar Shave Club, you can create effective campaigns tailored to your own target audience by utilizing different techniques like humor or showcasing product features in an entertaining way that ties into your brand identity. With these tips in mind, you can create one-of-a-kind videos to draw attention and show off your brand values with success!

Examples of Great User-Generated Content Campaigns

When it comes to creating successful content marketing campaigns, there’s nothing better than taking inspiration from successful examples. Companies can leverage a variety of content marketing tools, platforms and methods to effectively reach their target audience. User-generated content (UGC) is one powerful way to do just this.

UGC campaigns have been highly popular and effective over the last few years and serve as great content marketing examples for brands trying to get an edge with their campaigns. Brands can not only include user-generated content into their social media or other online campaigns but also use it as part of brand advertising campaigns and TV commercials.

Two great user generated content marketing examples are National Geographic’s #YourShot photo contest, which encourages viewers to share their best shots and win prizes, or Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign, which uses hashtags on bottles to promote user generated images of people enjoying the soda.

Content marketers looking to create successful UGC campaigns should consider the type of product or service they are promoting and identify what kind of users would be most likely to share pictures or stories about it across channels such as social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Another important factor is having engaging visuals that can be used in conjunction with compelling copywriting for maximum effect. Last but not least, identify the right influencers that could help extend your reach into new target audiences that are more likely to purchase your goods or services.

User-generated content can be truly powerful if harnessed for effective digital campaigns that have proven success time after time when brands have employed these concepts throughout recent history.


It is important to always be on the lookout for content marketing examples from those creating inspiring campaigns. Seeing how they do it can help you come up with unique and creative ideas for your own campaigns. After all, content is king in the digital world. When it comes to reaching and gaining customers, crafting original and engaging content that speaks to them is critical in a competitive marketplace.

It may be helpful to take a look at some of the best online content marketing examples out there in order to get inspired and find new strategies to use in your own campaigns. Identifying trends within successful case studies can help you create unique solutions tailored to your business objectives that can set you apart from the competition. As an example, consider how Dropbox crafted a memorable campaign by creating videos that went viral; this combination of visual elements provided viewers with an engaging narrative while still showcasing their product.

You might also look into how companies are using influencers or combining creativity with data-driven insights when creating story-like content experiences on multiple platforms such as podcasts, websites, or social media channels. This type of engagement helps capture consumer attention while making sure they have a positive experience interacting with brand messaging. Additionally, examining topical subject matter within effective content strategies allows companies access into succinct conversations happening across various industries or among their target audiences – helping them stay ahead of the curve when crafting their message.

In conclusion, exploring successful examples of what has been done before and making a few tweaks can not only inspire future campaign solutions but will also aid companies in setting themselves apart from competitors through unique perspectives, tone, language and design choices that speak directly to an intended audience who want more than just a standard advertisement – they want something special tailored just for them!


What are some examples of successful content marketing campaigns?

The New York Times’ Wordle video, Coca-Cola’s Share a Coke campaign, Red Bull’s Red Bull Stratos, Marriott’s Travel Brilliantly, HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing and Sales Platform, Mailchimp’s Behind the Send, Airbnb’s Live There, Dollar Shave Club’s launch video.

How can I create a successful content marketing campaign?

To create a successful content marketing campaign, it’s important to understand your target audience, tailor your content to their needs and preferences, be creative and original, leverage various types of media, such as videos and user-generated content, and use storytelling techniques to engage your audience. Consistency, strategic planning, and data-driven insights are also key to achieving success.